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GOLD MEMBERSHIP is a more intimate setting if you want to further your real estate education in a “mastermind” setting.  This is a special exclusive group.  These are people who know that money can be made investing in real estate in any market, boom or bust.  They also know that the best education comes about when you have more frequent opportunities, large and small, to get together with other like-minded people who are really serious about becoming successful real estate investors.  If you appreciate that the best chance for success is to meet and share ideas with people who are real doers, then Gold Membership is for you!

Exclusive Features of Gold Membership:

  1. Monthly Gold Meetings. As a Gold Member, you can join us every month for special meetings complimentary.  At these intimate meetings, we have local or specialized speakers educate you on the hottest topics of the day.  Nothing is ever sold or pitched at Gold Meetings.  Plus, with a smaller group, it is easier for you to ask questions and receive personal attention.  Keep on the cutting edge of rapidly changing real estate news and strategies.
  2. Private Dinner with our Featured Speaker. As a Gold Member, you are invited to have dinner with our featured speaker of the month at a private reception prior to, or after, our general meetings.  These dinners are a wonderful opportunity for you to spend time up close and personal with our featured speaker and ask them questions.  Unique networking experience!
  3. Free Entry to Our Monthly Meetings. As a Gold Member, you will receive reserve seating at our monthly meetings, if requested.  Many of our Gold Members believe this is the best feature of Gold Membership, particularly on those nights when the event is sold out and there is standing room only.
  4. Beginners Boot Camp.  As a Gold Member, you can attend our Basic Training Real Estate  Boot Camp for FREE.  In this intensive 8-hour Saturday class, you will learn the fundamentals of real estate investing and structuring deals.  Everything you ever wanted to know about real estate investing, but were afraid to ask.  The Boot Camps are scheduled quarterly during the year.  Be sure to RSVP in advance because these Boot Camps sellout. 
  1. Private Consultation with Lloyd. As a Gold Member, you will have an opportunity to a complimentary private consultation with Lloyd Segal (President of LAREIC).  For those of you just starting out as real estate investors, these private consultations are invaluable.  Pick his brain, ask questions, visit one of his rehabs, and learn the best strategies for today’s ever-changing market.
  1. Private Mixers and Networking Events. As a Gold Member, you will be invited to special mixers, networking events, book signings, and workshops we conduct exclusively for Gold Members throughout the year.
  1. Lloyd’s House-Flipping Boot Camp. As a Gold Member, you will receive half-priced admission to Lloyd’s award-winning “House-Flipping Boot Camp” ($250 value).  This eight-hour intensive seminar will introduce you to how to get started (1) finding, (2) financing, (3) fixing, and (4) flipping Houses. The Boot Camp is fantastic for investors interested in fixing and flipping houses.  After all, Lloyd wrote the book!  (“Flipping Houses”).
  1. Exclusive Access to Online Articles and Training. As a Gold Member, you will receive access to scores of articles and training in sessions that are only available on the Gold Member Section of our website.
  2. Deals, Deals, Deals! As a Gold Member, you will receive first access to wholesale deals that are offered to the Club.  Here is your opportunity to get first crack at some really good deals without spending hours searching on your own or spending tons of marketing dollars.
  1. Discount on Real Estate Related Services. As a Gold Member, you will receive special discounts from many of our corporate vendors.  Our vendors like working with our Gold Members because they know that they are the investors that are most likely to succeed.


Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club (“LAREIC”) is the oldest and largest investor club in California.  LAREIC has educated, mentored, and inspired thousands of investors over the past 21 years with its unique hands-on learning opportunities to transform new students into successful investors in any real estate market, boom or bust.

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Vendors Expo

Don't miss our special "Vendors Expo" at Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club (“LAREIC”) monthly meeting. The Vendor Expo is open from 6:30 to 7:30 pm (before the beginning of our general meeting at 7:30 pm). We will over 25 different vendors consisting of all the real estate services you will need to become a successful investor, including private lenders, title companies, escrow companies, building suppliers, title insurance reps, home inspectors, hard money lenders, out-of-state investment opportunities, insurance agents, credit repair consultants, staging companies, and much MUCH more!  So come early, meet and greet, and expand your "Dream Team" of real estate professionals that will help you succeed.

LAREIC Meeting. Don't forget to stick around after the Vendor's Expo for our LAREIC meeting (7:30 to 9:30 pm). Guest speaker will be Robyn Thompson, the “Queen of Rehab.”. Robyn will be speaking on how to rehab a house quickly and within budget.

FREE ADMISSION & FREE PARKING. Remember, our Vendors Expo (and general meetings) are always FREE. Parking is also free across the street in the parking structure behind Starbucks.

Date and Time:
Second Thursday of every month
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

The Olympic Collection
11301 West Olympic Boulevard
3rd floor Ballroom
Los Angeles, CA 90064


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