Our Clients Said About Us

This man is doing it the right way. The cost of his class is very low for what you get. He is definitely a long-term thinker who understands that helping others helps him.

William S.

Corona, CA

Lloyd has out-of-the-box strategies that no one else teaches. Follow his guidance, and you will soon beat the competition and have an edge in the real estate industry. A real pro and he always answers his email and phone. A++

Leo N.

Clovis, CA

Lloyd is so fun and will really look after his client’s best interest! My husband and I kept coming back to his bootcamp to learn more and be refreshed every time. Thanks, Loyd, you advanced our investing career!

Hazel S.

Cypress, CA

Lloyd’s Bootcamp is full of great information for Realtors and Investors!!! There is a lot of information to absorb, so it is nice that he has a great “workbook” for class. We learned a lot and look forward to using this new knowledge. Thank you, Lloyd!

Terri L.

San Marcos, CA

A great low-pressure, high-information process to learn the basics of house flipping. Lloyd has an easy-going, hearted style of instruction that keeps everybody engaged throughout the class. Very informative and very affordable. I will be back again for the next boot camp near me.

J. S.

Simi Valley, CA

Amazing program! If you have any interest in flipping properties, this is a MUST. Lloyd will not only walk you through the basics of what it means to “flip a house,” but he will also give you actual names of individuals, websites, databases, and other resources to get you on your way.

Monaca B.

Burbank, CA