The Mentoring Alternative

by | 21 June, 2024

The Mentoring Alternative

If you’re a new real estate investor, you may benefit from in-person one-on-one private mentoring with an expert.  Mentoring works because it gets you up to speed without the setbacks and without the expense of time and money.  It also frees you from the fear and anxiety of making a bad decision through ignorance or inexperience — a fear that holds back many beginners from getting started. Even as an experienced investor, I still seek out mentors whenever I need them.  The investment has always paid off many times over.  Mentoring is invaluable.  True, mentoring is a bigger investment than a 3-day seminar.  But considering that the profit on the average real estate deal on a single-family house is $30,000 to $50,000, it only takes one successful deal to return your mentoring investment many times over.

Is Mentoring for You?

I have attended countless seminars, utilized home study courses, and been a student of some great mentors.  Likewise, I also create home study courses, conduct boot-camps, webinars and have mentored countless real estate investors.  So I have personal experience on who could benefit most from mentoring.  I have found there are two key factors that will guarantee a successful learning experience.  Let me share them with you now:

First, you have to be a person willing to take full responsibility for your success.  Blaming others or making excuses guarantees failure.  Expecting others to do things for you is a serious obstacle to achieving your desired success.  What I’m saying is that you have to fully embrace the attitude: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”  A mentor can point out the best path to take toward your goals.  A mentor can answer questions, provide advice, and show you techniques that will help you avoid rookie mistakes.  Remember, you are the “apprentice.”  The apprentice is the one who does the work with guidance from the mentor.  It’s performing the details and the tasks in real estate that creates confidence and leads to mastery and success.  Will you take responsibility for your success?

Second, you have to possess the “Intention to Succeed.”  Intention is much more than a hope, wish or desire.  It is knowing that you are going to accomplish your goal of becoming a successful real estate investor.  No matter what anyone says to you, no matter what obstacles or setbacks turn up along your path, you will always continue to move forward towards your goal. You may have already experienced this feeling as a parent’s commitment to raise your children in the best way possible, or in fulfilling a solemn promise you made to someone close to you. You’ve heard the expression: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  This is what it means.  Everything else is just a matter of learning, doing, getting feedback, and doing it again, and again, and again.  Is your intention to succeed?

Even though I am obviously busy, I offer one-on-one private mentoring to a few motivated individuals.  I want you to be one of those special students.  I have experience in all areas of real estate investing and the coaching is customized for each student.  It can cover everything from finding deals, submitting offers, buying properties, wholesaling, goal-setting, business operations and strategy, building a team, dealing with tenants, marketing, deal analysis, negotiating, managing properties, flipping, and everything in between.  If you would like to participate in this very personalized mentoring program, please contact me.  We can meet privately and determine whether mentoring is right for you.  There is no cost for our first meeting.  It is complimentary. 

If You Believe Mentoring Is For You, Heed My Preliminary Checklist!

    1. You must be willing to follow through with instructions.  I have a step-by-step system that I have everyone utilize when they start out.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to put deals together and make money.
    2. You must be decisive.  Making quick decisions is imperative to success in this business.  If you don’t make quick decisions, your competitor will and you will lose the deal every time.  I’m going to teach you an important phrase right now, “I’ll take it… unless I change my mind.”  Learning to think like this phrase will make you successful if you follow my directions.
    3. You must be willing to invest some time and some money as an investor.  Even though these deals can be nothing down, there are still a few minor expenses you will need to make to build your infrastructure.  If you are unwilling to invest a dime into your education, I will not be able to work with you.  Please understand, I am not looking for financial backers… I don’t need partners to loan me money. I have what I need to get the job done.  This is about you.
    4. You do NOT need any money for down payments on these deals. It helps, but is not absolutely necessary.  I have private lenders that will work with you once you find a deal.
    5. I don’t care what your credit looks like.  It can be terrible and it won’t make any difference.  You will never need your credit to buy property when you work with me.
    6. You must be ethical and honorable in your business dealings.  We approach each deal with a “servant” attitude.  In other words, it is our goal to help the sellers we work with to get out of difficult financial situations.  And just like heart surgeons (or other high paid professionals), we expect you to get paid very well for your ethical, honorable, valuable services.
    7. Last and most importantly… you must have a burning desire to succeed.  I don’t mean to sound harsh here, but if you don’t have the desire to succeed, you’re not going to be successful.  The people who I mentor are going to take off like a rocket!  If I told you how much money you can make in this business if you follow my proven system, you would not believe me… so I’m going to keep my mouth shut on that for now.

Okay… If you fit the above criteria and I haven’t scared you away with all my demands, here is what I’m going to ask you to do…


Complete the Mentor Registration Form

For a very select group of individuals who want to start making a change in their life RIGHT NOW complete the Mentor Registration Form.  Remember it does not matter where you are currently in life, or what obstacles you have.  We all have obstacles.  We all have challenges.  All that really matters is where you want to go?  If you are ready to take your finances, your relationships, and your life to the next level and would like me as your personal real estate mentor to help you achieve it, then please fill out the Mentor Registration Form.

Unfortunately, I can only take 2-3 students every month, so fill out the form and let’s see if we can help make you our next success story.

Yours in success,

Lloyd Segal