Out-of-State Investing Summit


You will learn the “hottest” cities to invest right now because they have:
1. Dynamic job and population growth,
2. Affordability,
3. Landlord-friendly laws,
4. Renter desirability, and
5. Positive cash flow.

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At our semi-annual Summit, we discuss the “hottest” cities to invest right now for positive positive cash flow.  These cities are the strongest because they have dynamic job, population growth, along with affordability, landlord-friendly laws, renter desirability, and positive cash flow (in other words, the opposite of Los Angeles). After all, why buy only one $700,000 house in Los Angeles (with negative cash flow) when you can buy seven $100,000 houses in one of these cities and enjoy positive cash flow (without any of the landlord headaches). This is why we say “Be an investor – not a landlord.”  We then invited the most respected turnkey operations in each of these cities to our Summit.  Hence the term “turnkey.” And they all be joining us at LAREIC’s “Out-of-State Investing Summit.” The marvelous thing about turnkey companies is that they do everything for you! They find and buy the house, renovate it at their cost, rent it to a qualified tenant, sell the house to you below market, manage the property for you, and send you a check every month. This is a very exciting cash flow strategy. Don’t miss it! See you at our Summit.

This workshop will be presented virtually on August 28, 2021. Details about accessing the online class will be emailed to registrants closer to the workshop date.

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