How To Buy Properties at Trustee Sales (Non-Gold Members)


You will learn how to:
1. Research the best foreclosure properties going to sale
2. Breakdown the components of a “Notice of Trustee’s Sale”
3. Prepare for the trustee’s sale
4. Bid at the trustee’s sale
5. Utilize various bidding strategies at the sale
6. Compete with other investors
7. Finance your purchase
8. What to do when you’re the winning bidder



Investors can often find the best deals at trustee’s sales. So why don’t more investors do it? The answer maybe because the sale process is mystifying, which frightens away many investors. But it could also be because most investors assume you need 100% of the purchase price at the trustee’s sale. No longer! At our workshop, we will take the mystery out of the process and the financing. At this workshop we will cover how to research the properties going to sale, various bidding strategies, how to finance your purchase, and what to do once you’re the winning bidder. Plus, you will participate in an actual LIVE trustee’s sale! If you’re serious about buying properties at the trustee’s sale, don’t miss this workshop!!!!!